The psyche and the brain are linked inextricably. The most effective ways to develop mental abilities and to improve the major functional qualities of an organism are associated with the organization of the central nervous system.

We propose the new approach to human potential development based on modern achievements in the field of psychophysiology.

Increase in stress resistance

Stress is the inevitable part of modern life, which must be taken into account when organizing the work of any company. The impact of stress on our bodies is responsible for most non-infectious diseases, mistakes made in work, low efficiency of working hours organization.
We offer a series of psychophysiological trainings that allow you to optimize the work of the central nervous system and, thus, develop a stable stress management skill in a person. At the heart of our approach is training the skills of controlling the nervous system state.

Achieving peak efficiency
We offer a comprehensive training of functional state of organism, built on the management of rhythmic brain activity. They allow you to amplify cognitive abilities, creativity, speed, and balanced decision-making, ability for fast information search, etc. the Mastery of this skill displays the performance of the employee to a new level.

In search of competitive advantages, many successful companies are trying to find ways to improve the productivity of their employees, often using not always working approaches and methods.
Quick recovery
We help to master the skill of such a regime recovery energy of the body with the help of modern neural interfaces. Creating individual training programs to the individual characteristics of each customer, we provide rapid development of equipment control "alpha" condition of the Central nervous system.

Energy resources of any person is limited, and their recovery takes time. The modern world forces people increasingly to look for ways of quick and effective recovery. One of such ways is an arbitrary transition of the Central nervous system in a special "alpha" state.
Maintaining of operability
Most working tasks do not demand maximum energy consumption and forces. The employee should economically spend his energy and forces, then to spend them on more complex and important tasks. From the point of view of modern science, the most energy-efficient state is achieved with the correct adjustment of the central nervous system.
We provide continuous monitoring of a functional state and psychological tension of the person in the course of work, we form the skills of managing the modes of consumption of own resources and we provide the most effective state that is adequate for
every work situation
Trainings Online
Online trainings include exercises to control various parameters of the heartbeat using modern fitness bracelets and a special program. Our experts will help you to set up all necessary equipment and will help to achieve best result throughout a course of trainings.
Trainings Offline
Offline trainings imply the use of more complex research channels: brain work, breathing, muscle tension, etc. Our experts will develop the individual program of trainings taking into account your wishes and will render necessary correction of your efforts in real time.
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